Terms of Service

[Important] Please read the User Policy below before registering as a member.
Your rights and responsibilities in using this service are defined below.

Section 1 (Member)

  1. A "Member" is a person who has agreed to follow these policies and procedures and applies for membership.
  2. "Membership Information" is the information disclosed by the member relating to the attributes of the member and the trade history between the member and the company.
  3. These policies apply to every member and will be followed by every member during the time of registration and thereafter.

Section 2 (Registration)

  1. Membership qualification
  2. Customers who have agreed to the policies and have from then registered through the designated procedures qualify as members. In regards to the registration procedures, the person to become a member must be the person who goes through the procedure. Registration done by proxy is prohibited. Furthermore, membership may be denied if the applicant's qualifications for membership have been annulled in the past, or in any other case the company believes the applicant does not qualify.

  3. Inputting Membership Information
  4. When inputting membership information, please be careful to read the precautionary notices and input the correct information in the designated input form. When inputting the membership information, you may not input special symbols, Old Kanji or roman numerals. In the case any of these are registered, they will be changed by the company's side.

  5. Password management
    1. The password is understood as something only the registered member can use, and will not be given/lent to a third party.
    2. We request the member to responsibly protect their password and not let others know it and/or change it often.
    3. Actions made towards the company using the member's password will be considered as actions done by the member themselves - and the member will be held liable for all losses/financial settlements this may cause.

Section 3 (Change)

  1. In the case that the name/address of the member changes, the company will require a timely notification.
  2. The company will not be held liable for any loss derived from the member failing to update their information. Also, please note that even if the membership information is updated, if the trade is started prior to the update, it will be conducted based on the previous information.

Section 4 (Withdrawal from membership)

In case a member wishes to withdraw, the member themselves must go through the withdrawal procedure. After the designated procedure, the member will be considered withdrawn.

Section 5 (Losing Membership Qualification and the Member's Obligation for Compensation)

  1. In case the member presented fake information during their application for membership, neglected payment for fees caused by mail-order, or caused the company in any other way to consider the member unfit for membership, the company will remove the membership qualifications.
  2. In the case that the member undertakes any of the following actions, they will be obligated to compensate for any losses caused on their behalf:
    1. Misusing their password/account number
    2. Obstructing business by accessing the home page and changing information, or sending harmful computer programs to the company
    3. Invading the intellectual property rights of the company products
    4. Other actions going against these policies

Section 6 (The Handling of Member Information)

  1. This company, as a general rule, will not disclose member information to a third party without consent from the member. However, in case any of the following points apply, this company may disclose membership information without consent of the member.
    1. If the company is requested to disclose information by law
    2. If the company decides that it is necessary to protect the rights/profit/reputation of the company
  2. In regards to membership information, this company will follow guidelines based on their "Endeavour to Protect Personal Information" and manage membership information. This company will consider it right to use membership information to fulfill aims to improve service towards members, improve contents of service, promote use of service, and ensure healthy business.
  3. The company has the right to spread information (including advertisements) through mail magazines and other methods. In the case the member does not wish to receive this information, the company will cease sharing once the member notifies of their inclination through a process designated by the company. However, the company cannot stop providing the information necessary for the service's operation by request of the member.

Section 7 (Prohibited Actions)

The following actions are prohibited while in use of this service:

  1. Actions that go against the law, user policies, precautionary notes upon using this service, as well as precautionary notes upon purchasing with this service
  2. Damaging the rights, profit, and/or reputation of this company and third parties
  3. Using things that go against intellectual property rights or copyright
  4. Obstructing profit from a third party through merchandising
  5. Actions that go against public order and standards of decency
  6. Actions that cause inconvenience or annoyance to other users and/or third parties
  7. Inputting false information
  8. Sending harmful computer programs through mail or posting them
  9. Illegitimately accessing this company's server or other computers
  10. Lending/giving passwords to others or sharing passwords with a third party
  11. Other actions that the company deems inappropriate

Section 8 (Suspension of Service)

In order to preserve good operating condition of this service, we may partly/fully suspend service if any of the following conditions are met:

  1. In case system maintenance or emergency maintenance is required
  2. In case the system is overloaded
  3. In case of a fire, power outage, or other major obstruction caused by a third party
  4. In any other case the company deems it is absolutely necessary to suspend the system

Section 9 (Change in Service, Discontinuation)

This company can stop/alter all or partial parts of the service without prior notice.

Section 10 (Exemption from Obligation)

  1. In the case the member incurs a loss due to connection problems/suspension/delay/withdrawal/loss of data/unjust access by a third party/other losses caused in relation to this service, this company will not be held liable.
  2. The company does not certify that the mails sent from our webpage/server/domain do not have harmful computer viruses.
  3. We will not be held liable by any losses incurred by the member going against the user policies.

Section 11 (Update of User Policy)

This company can update the policies at will, and decide policies to supplement the original user policies (from here on; "Supplementary policies"). The updated policies will be in effect once they are uploaded onto the website. In this case, members will be required to follow the updated policies.

Section 12 (Applicable law, Competent Court)

In the case a lawsuit occurs due to the above user policies, the district court with jurisdiction over the head office will be the first instance exclusive agreement jurisdictional court.