About Us

Our Mission

Welcome to Japan – A country of abundant history and culture.

With Japan being a unique place, the deep emotions you feel, the breathtaking sights you see during your visit in Japan – these precious memories are definitely worth remembering and cherished forever.
Nowadays, various sceneries around the world could be seen easily with computers or smartphones. However, there is no way to “get a taste” of these sceneries – whether is the plentiful fresh air or the friendly atmosphere that they have to offer.

As you may have known, we Japanese strive to achieve perfection in our work, without letting down anyone’s expectation, and with no compromises in what we do. This is what we call MADE IN JAPAN. MADE IN JAPAN is not only limited to our products – this philosophy is reflected our product’s quality, and also the amazing speed and accuracy of the delivery of your order. Our heartfelt appreciation is expressed with the delivery of every product made.

Our mission is for you and your loved ones to feel and experience the irreplaceable memories you made in Japan – all in one compact book.